June 27, 2015

Special Weekend Edition (So Lucky!)

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We don’t normally do this (so please don’t hold us to it in the future), but so much happened yesterday that we think you deserve a quick Pnut to get you through the weekend.
IN A NUTSHELL… ISIS Hits Everywhere By the time the US West Coast woke up on Friday, ISIS had made its deadly presence felt on three continents (at least we think it might be ISIS in all three instances, but it could very well be any other group of lunatics). The nuts and bolts:
  • Terrorists stormed a beach in Tunisia killing at least 37 people (as of 3pm Friday), most of whom were tourists. Tourism employs almost 13 percent of Tunisia’s workforce and is a sizable chunk of the economy. Tunisia is also a liberal, secular democracy… all traits ISIS strongly dislikes. 
  • Police found a decapitated body near a botched terror attack on a US owned chemical plant near Lyon France yesterday. This is not the first time ISIS inspired radicals to strike in France. In January, they attacked the satirical cartoon newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher deli, killing a total of 15 people.
  • Sectarianism spread to Kuwait. ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a Shia mosque that killed 25 people and injured 200 others (as of 3pm on Friday). Add tolerance to the list of things ISIS dislikes. ISIS routinely declares Shiites apostates, legitimizing killing them as opposed to how they treat members of other religions who have the option to convert before being killed. This is the first such attack in Kuwait. 
US Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage
Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has been busy this week. Just one day after upholding Obamacare, it legalized gay marriage nationally. The move is a big win for the LGBTQ community and civil rights activists and a big loss for people who still believe the Earth is flat.
  President Obama Delivers Beau Biden Eulogy, Obama: "Beau Biden Was An Original"
One For The History Books: Obama Delivers Eulogy For Rev. Pinckney And Sings ‘Amazing Grace’
This one will definitely go down in history… don’t miss the end.
We’ll be back Monday for a more in-depth view on why things that are happening far from you might actually affect you (or at least might serve as interesting dinner party chatter). ‘Til Monday.
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