August 24, 2015

French terror attack, stock markets crash, ISIS blows up a temple, refugee crisis and #youstink



It is the last Monday of the summer and the markets are down. But there is a silver lining. Coffee prices are crashing, helping to sustain your caffeine habit… unless, of course, you get your coffee from Starbucks, where management decided to increase prices anyway.



Americans Save France… Again

France witnessed yet another terror attack on Friday as 26-year-old Moroccan, Ayoub El-Khazzani, opened fire on a train from Amsterdam to Paris. El-Khazzani was thwarted by both a French passenger and three American servicemen who happened to have been on the train at the time. All three men and a British passenger helped to subdue the attacker, who had a knife, a Kalashnikov and a Luger pistol. In total six passengers will receive the Legion d’Honneur medal for their bravery. El-Khazzani had been known to Spanish intelligence services as he may have travelled to Syria and been part of a broader terror network. A French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was injured in the attack, accused train staff of hiding to protect themselves. The attacker said, through his lawyer, that “he doesn’t understand why this story has become so inflated“…..


Chinese Economy Sneezes… Everyone Catches A Cold

Global markets felt the pain over the weekend as China’s economic “softening” rocked the world. The Shanghai stock market was down 8.5 percent this morning, wiping out its gains for the year. Across the pacific the Dow Jones fell 3.1 percent on Friday, oil dipped below $40 a barrel and emerging market currencies took a heavy beating. Over the weekend, Dubai and Saudi exchanges also collapsed, falling seven percent each…       What is going on? China’s economy is slowing down and that is starting to reflect in the markets. The Chinese government has been struggling to contain the crisis, doing everything it can to prop up the local stock market. Earlier this month they tried to kick start things by devaluing their currency, the Yuan, but that didn’t seem to work… Get ready for more pain this week. 

 Pnut’s Nutshell on China



ISIS Blows Up Ancient Temple To Prove Something

ISIS blew up an ancient temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra this weekend in a further attempt to prove just how terrible they are. The group, which controls some of the most beautiful archeological sites in the world routinely blow them up as part of an online recruiting and artifact smuggling strategy. There is no winning, as what they don’t destroy they usually sell and use the proceeds to fund their genocidal reign of terror…

Refugee Crisis Confuses And Overwhelms Europe

Italy’s coastguard rescued over 4,000 refugees in the Mediterranean yesterday in one of the biggest naval salvage operations in history. Almost 2,000 people have drowned trying to make it across the Mediterranean into Italy this year. In a separate incident, Macedonia (referred to by Greeks as FYROM) deployed its army and police on its border with Greece to stop refugees entering the country as a stop on their way North to the rest of Europe…

Korea Negotiations

Tensions remained high on the Korean peninsula as the two Koreas meet to end a standoff that resulted in an exchange of fire last week. The situation escalated on Thursday when the North demanded that South Korea stop broadcasting anti-communist propaganda and the weather forecast over the border… A positive sign occurred when North Korea stopped calling the South Koreans “puppets”…


#pnut4prez: Trump Moves Past 15 Minutes Of Fame

The world began waking up to the realization that Donald Trump’s “shock and awe” campaign for the Republican presidential nomination will be around for a while. TIME magazine gave him the cover with the title “deal with it” and the NYTimes devoted a front page story to the phenomenon known as “Trumpism.” Looks like the “iconoclastic” contender might end up being the real thing… beware world.


Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Started from the bottom…to the World Championships: If you have ever felt inadequate, Usain Bolt doesn’t make it easier. American Justin Gatlin lost his two-year streak when Bolt defeated him by “one hundredth of a second in 100m World Championship final.” Whatever I can do the same….
  • Panda: Endangered and notoriously sexually-uninterested pandas always receive special attention, as one clever Taiwanese female understood. No surprise why the birth of twin cubs at the National Zoo made headlines.
  • British Embassy in Iran: 10 days after the American flag flew again in Havana, the British have followed suit in Tehran. While relations have never been simple between the two, the Iran Deal may pave the way for (hopefully) improved relations with the Middle East. 


Lebanese To Their Government: #youstink

Lebanon, a country where the only thing that gets recycled are its politicians, faced protests in the capital, Beirut, over the weekend as a garbage crisis escalated. Due to political paralysis in the country (they have not had a President for over a year) local services like garbage collecting have had to be suspended. This has, naturally, upset a lot of people in the “Paris of the Middle East.” Organizers created a #youstink campaign with protesters demanding the resumption of garbage collecting clashing with the police as they tried to storm parliament. Tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at the crowd. The situation got so bad the PM threatened (or promised) to resign.

STINKY PHOTOS: Lebanon’s trash tribulations via VICE


  Foo Fighters Rick Roll Westboro Baptist Church
The Foo Fighters inflicted what may be the biggest “trolling” of our modern times to their rivals, the Westboro Baptist Church.
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  IVY is a collaborative community of 15,000+ next generation innovators who are redefining entrepreneurship, arts, policy and philanthropy. Our mission is to spark great new ideas, advance important causes, and provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.
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