March 24, 2016

Obama Turns A New Page in Argentina



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“Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.” The Mouse: 1, Georgia: 0.



Obama To Argentina: The Truth Is I Never Left You Still on a vacation-high from his trip to Cuba and eager to make even more friends, President Obama arrived in Argentina to meet with President Macri and talk about some past tension. Remembering when the US and Argentina were slightly less than friendly — like when the US got involved in a military coup that ultimately established one of the region’s most brutal regimes — Obama sought to make amends. In a bold move, POTUS said US military and intelligence files from that era 40 years ago would be declassified for the first time.

“Operation Condor” was an intelligence partnership between military regimes in South America supported by the US as part of Washington’s deadly attempts to keep Communism at bay. Roughly 60,000 people were killed during this time and many more tortured (including sitting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff). The decision to de-classify the files can be seen as an attempt to turn the chapter on US-LatAm relations.  

Brussels Update: And Now What? With dozens of people still in critical condition and key suspects on the loose, EU interior ministers are meeting today to figure out wtf happened and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The EU will have to struggle with immediate concerns like porous borders and intelligence failures (one of the brothers was reportedly deported by Turkey for being a terrorist and known by the Belgian police as a militant) as well as long-term challenges like integrating large, alienated and segregated Muslim communities into Europe’s stagnating economy and polarized politics. Tough agenda today.  
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Massive Airstrike In Yemen Kills Dozens Of People Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook has announced that the US bombed a redoubt in Yemen that was believed to be used as a training camp for al-Qaeda affiliates. The creatively named “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,” or AQAP, had allegedly used the small encampment to house and train 70 people. The Pentagon estimated that “dozens” were killed in what is the US military’s second mass-casualty strike this month. The two strikes have killed over 200 people combined. 
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Patient Accuses Yale Doctors Of Removing Wrong Body PartA patient has filed a lawsuit against Yale New Haven Hospital for allegedly removing the wrong rib during a surgery and subsequently trying to cover up the mistake. Deborah Craven needed her eighth rib removed due to a pre-cancerous lesion and was presumably horrified to discover that her surgeon didn’t know how to count. After doctors had removed her seventh rib, she had to undergo a second surgery to remove the correct portion. In a statement, Yale said, “Even in the best organizations medical errors may occur.” Comforting. 

Uber Arson Becoming A Trend In Kenya Another Uber taxi was set on fire in Nairobi as tensions rise between the startup taxi service and conventional cabs. Although Uber faces legal and regulatory challenges in many countries, the tension among local businesses in Nairobi have reached violent levels, with this being the second attack of its kind in a few weeks. In February, taxi owners asked the government to prevent Uber from operating, seeing the start up as an unfair competitor. 

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Flint: An independent task force charged with investigating the Flint water crisis found that the state ignored many warning signs. The investigation also laid part of the blame on environmental racism. 
  • Being Productive: After a year-long drama to replace their very Australian looking flag, New Zealand voters decided to keep their flag as is. After bashing it for a year New Zealanders are now being told to be “proud” of their “fleg.”
  • MH370: A piece of what appears to be a Rolls Royce engine cowling washed up on a beach in South Africa, and it’s possible the debris was once part of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Malaysian authorities say a team will be sent to retrieve and analyze the scrap metal, which will hopefully shed light on the plane that disappeared two years ago this month. 


Seattle Man Who Hid Atop 80-Foot Tree Returns To Earth, Sort Of Ever-trendy Seattle has introduced a new form of tree-hugging to the main stage. It took nearly 20 hours of coaxing from police, but the Seattle man who climbed to the top of an 80-foot sequoia tree has finally returned to solid ground, where he was promptly taken to the hospital. Police believed he had been suffering from a personal crisis due to his behavior. The bearded climber built himself a cozy perch during his nesting period and would respond to police calls with yelling and mooning. He even removed his pants to swing upside down from a branch to get the message across. Sounds fun, who’s in?  

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