May 05, 2016

French Police Try To Evacuate Migrants, Clash Ensues

Protesters in France formed a human chain around the Jean-Jaurès High School in an effort to prevent police from removing the migrants who had been occupying the space for two weeks. The school had been abandoned and vacant when 150 migrants moved into part of the building last month, prompting many from the Left Party to argue that the space is a better alternative to homelessness. Not everybody thought so. Police used teargas on the protestors and evacuated the space. 

Is The Refugee Crisis Still Going On?

Sorta, at least for Europe (there are still millions of refugees in the Middle East). The new agreement with Turkey shrank the number of refugees arriving on Europe’s shores just in time for the summer when the Mediterranean crossing becomes marginally easier. That doesn’t exactly solve the problem of what to do with those who have legitimate asylum claims or are already in Europe. A new proposal to fine states who don’t share the burden isn’t likely to be popular. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: