May 09, 2016

London Says Yes We ‘Khan’

While the US deals with the emergence of “Trumpism” and its anti-Muslim flair, the UK just elected a Muslim to be the Mayor of London. Sadiq Khan, member of the Labour Party and son of a Pakistani bus driver, will be the first Muslim Mayor of a major western city. This isn’t the first time the UK practiced religious inclusion. Benjamin Disraeli was one of the first modern Jewish heads of state when he was elected UK Prime Minister in 1868.

What about other elections in the UK?

It wasn’t all celebrations for the Labour Party as they fell to third place in Scotland – a traditional stronghold for them – and lost council seats in England. The losses will add further pressure on their leader and parliamentary beard of the year Jeremy Corbyn, who has struggled with accusations of lack of leadership and anti-Semitism in the party. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: