July 26, 2016

DNC Day One: Things Not Going As Planned

Things got off to a rocky start at the DNC yesterday. The party was still reeling from the latest Wikileak scandal that showed anti-Bernie bias among the DNC leadership as the convention kicked off. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz was booed off the stage and – despite the DNC’s apology to Bernie Sanders – his supporters marched through the streets of Philly chanting “lock her up.” Protestors also disrupted a few speeches despite Bernie’s attempts to quell them. 

Did they turn it around though?

The Dems were eventually able to throw off that awkward “arranged marriage” feel to the convention when New Jersey Senator Cory Booker stepped up to the plate. His energized recitation of poetry knocked it so far out of the park, it set the stage for his 2024 presidential run. He was followed by Michelle Obama who made a passionate speech that didn’t leave a single dry eye in the room. She also suppressed the urge to make a “Melania plagiarism” joke, to the internet’s disappointment.

Senator Elizabeth Warren drove home the party’s many policy achievements, albeit quietly. And then tonight’s headliner took the stage. People were placing bets on whether Bernie was actually going to endorse Hillary’s nomination or just come in as a Trojan horse, ready to pull a Ted Cruz. After about five minutes of unrelenting applause, Sanders did what we could to unite the party and rally his supporters for Clinton, saying “she must become the next President of the United States.” It was met with both applause and boos. It’s like his supporters want to elect him against his own will at this point. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: