September 22, 2016

Putin Wants To Celebrate Flashback Friday By Bringing Back KGB

Latching onto the “hipster revival” craze that’s been gripping the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin is indulging his own nostalgia by bringing back the notorious Soviet security agency, the KGB. The agency, which stamped out dissent in the Soviet Union and spied against its enemies abroad, was disbanded when the USSR fell apart in 1991. While most people see the closure of the KGB and the collapse of the USSR as a good thing, Putin, who is a former KGB agent himself, does not. In fact, he called the collapse of the USSR a “major geopolitical disaster.” Putin’s christening his new KGB with a different name, the “Ministry of State Security.” Just because it now has a new name, will the agency be less repressive?

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Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: